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Co-Chair of iSAMS 2019

Jong Yeol KIM

As the president of Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM), I feel honored that KIOM is hosting iSAMS 2019 in Seoul, Korea, in collaboration with Korean Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medicine Society (KAMMS), Medical Association of Pharmacopuncture Institute (MAPI), and Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute (KPI).

As ageing population has risen as a global issue, integrative medicine is drawing attention from all over the world showing excellent effects in the prevention and treatment of chronic, geriatric and intractable diseases. Therefore, integrative medicine is considered to have significant value as the future of medicine improving the quality of life.

Still, there are many challenges ahead to overcome though the centrality of integrative medicine keeps increasing in modern healthcare. The theme of iSAMS 2019 is ‘Emerging healthcare Challenges, Innovative Ideas and Novel Solutions from Integrative Medicine.’ With this theme, we are expecting active discussions on research, practice, policy and institutionalization, etc. of integrative medicine to overcome the challenges.

I am looking forward to meeting researchers, clinicians and policy makers in integrative medicine from all over the world at iSAMS 2019, and wish a memorable conference to everyone.

Jong Yeol KIM
President of Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM)


Co-Chair of iSAMS 2019

Ho Sueb SONG

Distinguished speakers and participants,
The Korean Acupuncture and Moxibustion Medicne Society, KAMMS, founded 1973 in SEOUL, is so glad and proud to welcome you all and to take co-responsibility of the The International Scientific Acupuncture and Meridian Symposium(iSAMS) 2019 on ‘Emerging Healthcare Challenges, Innovative Ideas and Novel Solutions from Integrative Medicine’.

KAMMS is a representative korean academic organization of Korean Medicine and its official, historical and international journal is "The Journal of Acupuncture Research (JAR)", founded in 1983, which aims to strengthen the scientific understanding of the safety and effectiveness (efficacy) of acupuncture and related therapies in integrative medicine as well as in traditional medicine.

As people grow older and non communicable chronic diseases(NCD) become more widespread globally, a health system that is well based on primary care is urgently needed. Moreover, Importance of applying Traditional Medicine and its useful treatment methods such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, pharmacopuncture, herbal medicine, etc. is growing ever bigger to compensate for limitations of the conventional medicine.

We hope that Acupuncture and its related therapies would overcome challenges scientifically standardizing and increasing the evidence level and participate mainstream health care system, maintaining public health care system worldwide.

In this perspectives, We wish all participants an exciting conference, enriching discussions, new ideas and experiences and particularly lots of enjoyable moments in Korea.

Ho Sueb SONG
President of Korean Acupuncture and Moxibustion Medicine Society (KAMMS)


Co-Chair of iSAMS 2019

Tae Han YOOK

We invite you to join iSAMS 2019.

It is my honor to co-chair iSAMS2019 again, since I was a co-chair with Dr. Longhurst at iSAMS 2011, the first iSAMS,

This iSAMS is an international academic conference held for the first time in South Korea from the start of iSAMS 2011 at UC Irvine. iSAMS has been based in major universities in the United States, Australia, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Germany, where scholars from home and abroad have gathered together for academic presentations and discussions on oriental medicine, medical science, pharmacology, alternative medicine, acupuncture & moxibustion and pharmacopuncturology. Through this academic conference, the globalization of pharmacopuncturology and the convergence of modern science have been achieved. Also iSAMS has enhanced its status as a meeting place for world renowned scholars.

Although there have been international academic conference based on oriental medicine prior to iSAMS. But under the banner of globalization of oriental medicine and the world spread of pharmacopuncturology, iSAMS has been held more faithfully than any other international conferences with the hosting of the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute(KPI) and Medical Association of Pharmacopuncture Institute(MAPI). And at present, it has grown up as a leading Korean medicinal international academic conference in which many scholars participates voluntarily.

The theme of this iSAMS 2019 is "Emerging Healthcare Challenges, Innovative Ideas and Novel Solutions from Integrative Medicine". It is going to be the time to present and share about the up-to-date research trend around the importance of oriental medicine in primary health care, versatility in clinical use, usefulness of pharmacopuncture and acupuncture & moxibustion treatment in veterinary medicine.

Based on the confidence of its achievements, the Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute(KPI) and Medical Association of Pharmacopuncture Institute(MAPI) are jointly holding the event with Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine(KIOM), which is a national research institute, and with Korean Acupuncture & Moxibustion Medicine Society(KAMMS), which is a Korean professional society of Acupunture & Moxibustion. They will make joint efforts for the SCI listing of academic journals that will reinforce the status of oriental medicine in the future.

I look forward to seeing all the people I have met at iSAMS event previously and will endeavor to make iSAMS 2019 a memorable event for all of you.

Tae Han YOOK
Representative of Medical Association of Pharmacopuncture Institute (MAPI) & Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute (KPI)

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